Hawaii: Achieve Your Dreams

Big Island Hawaii Women Retreat

Trip Snapshot

Location Big Island, Hawaii

Dates  October 26-30, 2011 (5 days)

Price  $2,500

trip highlights 

  1. Rediscover your dreams and learn proven techniques to bring them to life in this 5-day inspirational workshop

  2. Enjoy delicious, healthy meals along with optional morning yoga and stretching

  3. Stay in peaceful cottages at a beautiful rainforest retreat center on the ocean’s edge

  4. Get out and about on a half-day excursion to explore some of the Big Island’s highlights


Retreat Program: Women have a unique and special way of viewing and interacting with the world – the way they connect with people, balance myriad roles, and take on responsibilities in their families, work places, and social settings. And because women have the gift of multi-tasking and “doing it all,” they often neglect to spend the time they deserve to step away from their day-to-day to relax and rejuvenate, reflect on who they are and who they want to become, dream about what they want to create in their lives, and design how they will bring their dreams to fruition.

Achieve Your Dreams is a 5-day transformational retreat that will give you the gift of uninterrupted time, a beautiful and peaceful setting, and a guided workshop that will encourage you to dream and discover what you want to create in your life, while equipping you with valuable and enduring practices and tools that will allow you to live the life you imagine.

Over the course of 5-days…

  1. Connect with your inner source of creativity to envision your future in a powerful new way.

  2. Shed ‘straight-jackets’ and overcome obstacles that have limited your dreams and future possibilities.

  3. Design a future that inspires you, bringing to life your unique potential and gifts. 

  4. Learn practical methods and tools to transform what you hope for into a reality.

  5. Enjoy healthy meals, daily opportunities for yoga and meditation, Hawaiian traditions, and an island excursion.

  6. Renew your spirit, vitality and focus and come away ready to live a fulfilling, inspiring and joy-filled life.

Who Should Attend this Retreat?

  1. Women feeling restless in their current situation, but unsure of what they want to create or change…and how to create it

  2. Women who know what they want to create in their lives, but needing a clear path for how to get there

  3. Women who feel they are on the right track, but wanting to break through to new levels in their personal or professional aspirations

Retreat Facilitator:

Barbara Fittipaldi
Barbara Fittipaldi is President and CEO of the Center for New Futures, an international coaching and executive education firm that supports individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders to design and transform their lives into the futures they aspire to create. She has earned a reputation for excellence in her work as a coach and program leader for more than 30 years, having worked with more than 25,000 people worldwide.

Barbara is particularly passionate about working with women to create breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives, and has facilitated courses with many women’s organizations in the public and private sector, such as Catalyst, Global Women’s Leadership Network, National Association for Female Executives, and individuals including Suze Orman (author and TV host) and Jackie Speier (Congresswoman). She also personally coaches women executives, organizational leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and individuals to design and realize their unique dreams and goals.

She is co-author of the book “When the Canary Stops Singing: Women's Perspectives on Transforming Business," sits on the Governance Board of the Global Women’s Leadership Network, and was invited to advise the US Commission on the Glass Ceiling.

What Others Have Experienced:

  1. “This program opened my eyes to a lifelong dream and gave me the support to make it happen. Barbara Fittipaldi is a Master Trainer! She is respectful, upbeat and fun. She inspires people to change and gives them tools that are easy to remember and apply.” -Suze Orman, internationally acclaimed personal finance author and TV host

  2. “Center for New Futures has developed a ground-breaking model for women’s leadership.” -Sheila Wellington, former CEO, Catalyst

  3. “Barbara has taught and inspired us to reach for the best in ourselves, trust what we find, and act on it. This work changes people, changes lives, changes organizations.” -Evan Wittenberg, Head of Google University

Retreat Setting: Kalani Oceanside Retreat is a beautiful and peaceful retreat center nestled amongst the rain forest on the eastern shore of the Big Island, Hawaii. During your stay, enjoy excellent and healthy cuisine, opportunities for yoga and stretching as well as spa and massage treatments, and acres of beautiful property to explore and open your mind, body and soul to the possibilities that abound.


Retreat Details

A 5-day transformational retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. Take time away from your daily grind to reflect on what really matters to you and what you truly want in life – and then learn tools and practices to equip you to live the life you imagine. What better place to awaken your innermost dreams than amongst constantly creating volcanoes, powerful crashing waves, lush rain forests, and breathtaking beaches. Design your ideal life alongside an intimate community of women who will become a powerful network to support you in achieving your dreams, and enjoy healthy meals, opportunities for daily yoga and time to pamper yourself with onsite spa treatments and massage.

Retreat Overview

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